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Contributors are a group of diverse users on the forum who provide their opinions on topics that involve changes on oxat that affect the community. Typically, oxat staff provide the topics of discussion. Some contributors may be a part of other groups, meaning you will find that most wiki staff and chat managers are contributors. Volunteers are also contributors by default.

In order to prevent the group from turning into an echo chamber, a major goal for oxat staff is to keep the group of contributors as diverse as possible. Contributors are encouraged to give their true opinions without worrying how other contributors may perceive these opinions. However, contributors should aim to represent or present the sentiments of all factions of the greater oxat community.

Like Volunteers, contributors have no special indication other than on the forum. Sensitive information should not be sent to contributors, and contributors are unable to answer support requests or aid in matters relating to support requests. Contributors are normal users who volunteer their time to improve oxat.


Forum Name: oxat ID:
Crow en.png Four (4000000)
DuuL DuuL (406652696)
Isa Isaxt (408140802)
Kayzar gt.png Kayzar (1500899017)
LaFleur de.png LaFleur (517650537)
Luca it.png Luca (1221)
Maverick Maverick (1070)
Paul gb.png Paul (83735214)
Sevda tr.png Sevda (869659734)
Steven Steven (400004803)
Sydno fr.png Sydno (220711)
XeR fr.png XeR (586552)

How to Become a Contributor

Although becoming a contributor is not incredibly difficult, there is no set guide on how to become one. Here are some qualities that are looked for in a contributor:

  • Is fairly active on the forum
  • Is looking to make a difference on oxat
  • Has a strong, positive history with oxat
  • Has a professional demeanor when interacting with other users